Whirl 2D JavaScript Game Engine


Whirl is a modern, lightweight and extensible 2D game engine written in JavaScript for use in the browser.

It aims to provide you with the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently create fun and fast web games.

Getting Started

You can put something on the screen in under twenty lines of code and from there the world is your oyster.

Visit the Getting Started section for a simple and easy setup guide that will introduce you to the basics getting up and running using the Whirl game engine.

You can also follow along with the documentation as it will naturally take you through how the engine works, providing comprehensive explanations for each element of the engine coupled with useful examples.


Full documentation concerning development with the Whirl game engine is in the Documentation section.

It will give you extensive information in learning concepts within the engine, information on all game classes, installation and importation of the engine, as well as plenty of examples to go with documentation to help your understanding.


Whirl takes advantage of webpack to compile its source code down into a single, usable JavaScript file.

See the Installation section for instructions on compiling from source.